5 Memorable Holiday Activities in Seattle You Won’t Forget



Everybody knows about the Space Needle, and the Christmas markets in Seattle are an annual tradition. Yet, with the holidays being such a special time, isn’t it best to make it memorable?

Seattle is a city that is at once eclectic, metropolitan, and diverse. From a robust organic and farm-to-table movement, to an exciting theater scene—and with tons of activities to do in between—Seattle during the holiday season brings all of that with the deep colors of Christmas.

We combed the city to find the most unique Seattle holiday activities this season. Whether you have family or friends visiting, want to take that special someone out on a truly memorable date, or need to break the monotony of the holidays, this definitive list will be sure to create a truly unique experience for the Seattle holiday season.

1.   The Salish Lodge and Spa

Just 30 minutes outside Seattle, the views alone from Salish Lodge and Spa are breathtaking. Miles of endless forest, craggy mountains, and horizons that almost go on forever—all covered in a blanket of snow.

What makes this experience memorable is the world of luxury and comfort at hand. All locally-sourced food makes a brunch with friends amid the views is like living in a commercial. If you need a well-needed respite from the city, this is the place to be.

2.   Ninja Escape!

Now this is a departure from the cheery holidays. Throw yourself into a spy movie with friends or family, trying to escape an expertly crafted puzzle room. Borne of the passions of effects nerds, theater geeks, and puzzle-design masters, it’s incredibly difficult not to have a good time navigating the mysteries of Ninja Escape, win or lose.

One really interesting benefit of this escape room is team-building. Tons of corporate offices hold parties here to bring their employees together. With you and your loved ones, having to rely on each other to escape really does bring people closer, and Seattle holiday activities, who doesn’t want that?

3.   The Wishing Tree

For true holiday sentimentality, take a trip to the Wishing Tree. Located on the north slope of Queen Anne, this simple and free attraction can shed light on what other people are wishing for during the Seattle holiday season, and year round.

For younger children, this is a great way to tell Santa what they want for Christmas. It’s also humbling to see the honesty and oftentimes sobering wishes people hang on the thin branches of the Wishing Tree. In our opinion, a truly memorable Seattle holiday experience.

4.   Ham for the Holidays

We all love the Christmas-themed ballets like The Sugarplum Fairy and the like, but we wanted to include the theater arts in a truly contemporary way.

A Contemporary Theater Company (ACT) puts on the “Ham For the Holidays” series each year, choosing one iconic performance and turning it into a veritable comedy showcase. Local comedic veterans Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt create interesting renditions of classics with an expert comedy treatment. Great for a night out on the town with friends or family, this experience will certainly be one to remember.

From A Christmas Carol to The Manchurian Candidate, this theater troupe has been making comedic memories out of old favorites for almost two decades. At a relatively inexpensive price point, people of all ages and income brackets can come and enjoy the knee-slapping performances at ACT.

5.   The Sheraton Hotel Gingerbread Village

The reason we included this on the list was because of its eclectic take on the classic gingerbread village tradition. From classic holiday-themed houses to Star Wars and dinosaur dioramas of sweetness, this is an event that both the entire city of Seattle—and you—should look forward to.

We think this would be great for all ages. Children will love the pieces that scream their favorite television shows and movies, while artists can bask in the detail and care taken to create these sweet works of art—no pun intended.

The show also benefits the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Benefitting good causes and celebrating beauty for over 25 years, the Sheraton at Seattle’s Celebrating Seattle Gingerbread show will give you both an interesting look into the city’s culture, and something to lick your chops to.