4 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas For Adults in Seattle

Take a moment to think back to your favorite birthday parties as a child: If you were like most kids, you probably barely slept owing to excitement in the days leading up to your party. You knew there would be cake, presents, and a special day out that you’d looked forward to for months. You knew your best friends and loved ones would all be there, and it was often the highlight of the year.

Who says this fun has to stop just because you’re an adult? We say party on, with the help of these four Seattle based birthday party ideas for adults:

1. Rent an electric boat

Seattle’s picturesque Lake Union is a favorite destination for people of all ages. Fortunately, you can escape the crowds on the shore by renting an electric boat from Seattle’s iconic Electric Boat Company. This party idea is not only eco-friendly, it’s well suited to practically anyone, even if they have no boating experience. According to the Electric Boat Company, their boats are as easy to drive as a golf cart, and just as safe. They even boast a covered rooftop so that your party won’t be sabotaged by Seattle’s notoriously unpredictable weather. The only caveat to be aware of here is the price—the Electric Boat Company charges $99 per hour for the use of one of their boats.

2. Book a day at the Ninja Escape Room

If you really want to unleash your inner child, here at Ninja Escape Room we’re dedicated to offering you a just the place to do it. With two convenient locations in the heart of Seattle, Ninja Escape provides the perfect place to party if your guests are active, inquisitive people. This outing will start with you trapped in a room, armed only with your wits your ability to work as a team. You’ll be challenged to search for hidden objects, crack puzzles, break codes, and finally escape—just like a real ninja or spy would do. Think of the Ninja Escape as being akin to starring in an action movie all your own.

One of the more affordable options for adult birthday parties in Seattle, the Ninja Escape Room charges $386 for a grand total of 12 tickets (about $32 per person). Better still, you can easily book tickets online for your whole group—there’s no cumbersome RSVP process here. Book now!

3.  Host a Virtual Reality Party

If you or someone you know has a PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, or Oculus Rift, you can probably host a successful VR gaming party at home. If not, Seattle provides a few alternate locations. The Portal Virtual Reality Lounge, for example, is a viable option for those who want to bring both kids and adults to their birthday celebration. With a family friendly atmosphere that caters to both children and adults (with a range of food and drinks available), the Portal Virtual Reality Lounge is a great place to take your family’s gaming experience to the next level. Just be aware that the Portal VR lounge is somewhat costly ($30 per hour per person), so having everyone pitch in on a VR device as a birthday gift might make more financial sense.

4. Take in a show at Teatro Zinzanni.

Seattle’s famous Teatro Zinzanni offers a lot more than just traditional dinnertime theater. Instead, diners get to witness a show that combines story elements with dramatic, circus-style performances. Billed as “Love, Dinner, and Chaos,” this show has to be seen to be believed.

There are, of course, a number of restaurants, bars, and nightspots around Seattle that can be a great place to host (or finish off) an adult birthday party. With that being said, we feel the four options covered above provide a unique experience that is reminiscent of the best childhood birthday parties… Only amped up to reflect adult abilities and tastes. After all, why settle for less?