The Best Dry January Activities in Seattle

Photo by imaginima/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by imaginima/iStock / Getty Images

Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Year’s Eve. From September through December, there are so many instances where the libations flow freely, making “Dry January” a welcome respite from the celebrations.

Whether you’re trying to “dry out” and stay away from alcohol, or just want to try something different from going to a bar, the Seattle area has so many sober group activity options it can be hard to say no!

Here’s what we think are the best activities to do around town. None of them involve or even encourage drinking, helping you to potentially discover your new passion as part of ushering in the New Year!

Yoga Under the Glass at Chihuly Garden & Glass

There’s no better way to usher in the new year balanced on one foot! So often an outdoor activity—it is, in fact, a full-scale garden—Chihuly Garden & Glass opens up its main greenhouse for yoga classes on January 14 and 28, as well as dates in February.

What makes this event a great sober group activity is being able to see the blustering winter around you, its cold winds blowing on the glass panels of the greenhouse, as you take in calming breathing exercises, and a whole range of yoga poses. A professional yoga instructor will be in attendance leading the class.

For this event, it’s important to know there are no changing rooms at the garden, so come prepared, clothed and ready to get loose and mindful!

For more information, visit their website here.

Ninja Escape Room Seattle

This is a great Dry January activity for so many reasons—action, intrigue, and companionship bring you closer to your colleagues, friends, and family!

Taking on a Ninja Escape Room Adventure means stepping into a story where you and your companions are the heroes. Our team of escape room experts, theater geeks, and storytellers have several adventures that will test your abilities in problem-solving, physical prowess, and bravery.

Right now, the “Belltown” escape games bring two robust adventures to explore. In “Black Lace”, an evil cult called Kraken has developed a poisonous chemical agent called “Black Lace”—here, you must find the lab, procure the poison’s recipe, and escape the maze before the laboratory explodes.

Or, take on “Hack Attack”, where Kraken has stolen billions of dollars from a client. You and your team of ninja spies are tasked with recovering the money and finding your way out of Mr. Hancock’s office before the cult returns.

No alcohol needed here! The world needs you at your sharpest to find your way to safety after finishing the objectives for each mission. Check out about all the adventures here.

The Skyview Observatory

Seattle from 900 feet in the air is a breathtaking sight, even washed in the winter cold. The Skyview Observatory is a great way to take in the beauty that Seattle has to offer, and it can be done on a tight budget.

We think this is a great sober activity because the beauty of the city, overlooking Puget Sound, is known to steal the hearts and breaths of its observers.

You can also take in almost everything around Seattle from this high up—with a panoramic view of the city and surrounding area, on a clear day you can bask in the glorious Cascade Mountains, Puget Sound, the Columbia River, and so much more. Perfect for a sober day trip!

For more information, check out the observatory’s website here.

Seattle Central Library

Libraries are often places where one can get lost for hours. But, take a walk down to the Central Library on Fifth Avenue, and you’ll see a knowledge-packed architect’s delight.

Opened in 2004, the futuristic glass-and-steel structure has eleven floors of materials and open spaces for study and gatherings. Designed by famed architects Rem Koolhaas and Joshua Prince-Ramus, the daunting structure is one that on its own is a sight to behold.

One of the most interesting parts of the Seattle Central Library is the spiral of books that climbs up the first four floors of the structure. Meant to present the entirety of the library’s collection without disrupting the Dewey Decimal System, you can walk up and down a spiraling ramp for hours, taking in the nearly two million books that give the modern structure its purpose. This Seattle sober activity is great with friends, or for a mindful “me day” on the weekend.

For more information, visit their website here.

The Seattle Art Museum

Nestled in downtown Seattle at 1300 1st Avenue, the Seattle Art Museum is great sober day activity for a day trip to take in a world-class array of historic and modern artwork. Just the sheer selection is enough to keep you enamored for hours on end.

The Seattle Art Museum is fun for the whole family or great for a date or outing with art-minded friends. Collections featured are geographically based—from African and traditional American to pieces from the European masters, and even an extensive catalog of Chinese calligraphy, are all available at the museum.

Coming on January 28 is Winter in the Park: Art Encounters, an exhibit showing in the outdoor sculpture park. A collaboration by Tia Kramer and Eric Olson, they will take up residence to work on Orbiting Together, a participatory art project representing a new GPS network using humans as opposed to satellites.

For more information on this exhibit, visit the museum’s website here.