The Five Best Breweries and Distilleries in Fremont


If Seattle is known for something else besides the cradle of grunge music, it’s libations. Dozens of breweries and distilleries throughout the area have made the city a destination for all those who value a quality drink.  

Whether you want to just stop in for a couple drinks, or make a tour part of one of the best days out ever, there are several breweries and distilleries that are truly a head above the rest.

If you’re considering a Ninja Escape Room adventure, we can only agree it’s done best after you’ve visited one of Fremont’s best drinking spots. Take a look below at our most recommended places to get your drink on before—or after, to celebrate—your next Ninja Escape Room trip.

1.   Fremont Mischief

Fremont Mischief is a rye whiskey, gin, and vodka distillery that creates on some of the finest tastes you can find in the northwest. Their vodka is described as having a “whisper” of marshmallow, while their whiskeys run the gambit of leathery and savory to sweet and spicy.

You can book a tour of their award-winning facilities where they create what has been labeled as some of the best rye whiskey in the country. You’ll explore how Fremont Mischief has developed a sustainable distilling practice, how they discovered their famed recipe, and how they bring their passion for quality spirits to every bottle.

2.   Outlander Brewery & Pub

Do you like pies? Do you like beers? Then Outlander Brewery & Pub is the place to be!

Outlander focuses on small-batch craft beer, which means you could make each new visit an adventure for your tastebuds. They also feature their famous savory pies, a perfect compliment to their constantly-rotating beer list.

3.   Copperworks Distilling Company

Astoundingly tasty single-malt whiskeys. Tours around beautiful copper-made tanks. Classes. This and more are what await you at Copperworks Distilling Company.

Copperworks prides itself most on its single-malt whiskies, which transport you to a complex tasting adventure that ranges from wood notes to sweetness and spice. You can also book inexpensive tours of their facilities, where you’ll learn why these guys are so passionate about spirits.  

4.   Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Co.

Pretty much everyone can appreciate a dog-friendly establishment. Anyone can also appreciate being able to bring whatever you want to eat and pairing it with fabulously delicious beers. That’s what Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Co. is all about.

With a great outdoor drinking area, you can enjoy the company of dogs and have delivery brought to the brewery to create a truly immersive and customized beer drinking experience.

5.   Sound Spirits Distillery

These guys take the world of spirits to another level. Specializing in single-malt whisky, gin, vodka, and novel liqueur, you’ll be hard-pressed not to shout “WOW” after trying one of their spirits.

Sound and Spirits Distillery offers open tours for groups of six and under. For larger groups, it’s best to contact them ahead of time, but either way you’ll learn how they develop their signature brands of spirits, plus learn how to integrate them into delicious craft cocktails.