The Five Best Restaurants in Belltown Seattle

You’ve planned your Ninja Escape adventure as part of your next Belltown excursion. The only question is what’s for dinner.

Belltown features one of the best restaurant scenes in the nation. Everything from divey pub food to the highest echelons of culinary excellence all can be had in this jam-packed neighborhood in Seattle. 

Check out what our top five favorite restaurants for all tastes are to be found in Belltown—was your favorite listed?

1.   Local 360

Small plates, locally-sourced ingredients, and an eclectic menu make Local 360 one of the most characteristically “Belltown” eateries around.

Local 360 also features a seasonal tasting menu complete with expertly-crafted wine pairings, so you can take your dining experience to the next level. Throw in a full-service bar with great selections of local libations and you’ve got yourself a true Seattle experience.

2.   Petra Mediterranean Bistro

Mediterranean cuisine is a full-flavor journey through a region whose culinary traditions strike the perfect balance of delectable and healthy. Petra Mediterranean Bistro in Belltown is perhaps the best example of that in the Seattle area.

A lunch and dinner menu let you choose your price range based on the time of day. Our favorite dish is the Mediterranean Salmon—seasoned with North African spices and served over a sauteed garlic-tomato-rice mix and topped with a mouth-watering house garlic sauce.

3.   Umi Sake House

The world of sushi is one characterized by creativity and diversity in ingredients and presentation. When it comes to sushi in Seattle, Umi Sake House takes the cake!

You can take advantage of the easily-affordable happy hour menu, or you can dive into many of their signature rolls for one of the best journeys through Japanese cuisine around.


4.   Serious Pie

Everybody loves pizza, and Seattle has a huge array of choices for this lunch and dinner time staple. But if you truly want the Belltown pizza experience, look no further than Serious Pie

All wood-fired and known for their eclectic choices—their Soft Egg pizza is our favorite—their limited menu does not indicate a lack of creativity. For a new take on pizza, make sure to stop by Serious Pie.

5.   Black Bottle Gastrotavern

Small plates, craft cocktails, and a wide selection of local brews and wines makes Black Bottle Gastrotavern an excellent destination to take in all the tastes of Belltown and Seattle in one attractive location.  

Whether you’re looking for a full on dinner or a quick bite with some libations, you can’t go wrong here. Their seven-spice shrimp is an infamously delicious and not-to-be-missed seafood favorite of ours.