The Five Best Restaurants in Fremont, Seattle


Whether you choose to enjoy Fremont’s bountiful food culture before or after your Ninja Escape Adventure, there is certainly no shortage of places to go.

Fremont, and Seattle at large, is one of the best places for curious culinarians, and people looking for top of the line. That is why we’ve put together a list of the best places to eat in Fremont si you can get right down to the cream of the crop.

Brouwer’s Cafe

Have you ever tried Belgian food? Most people have not, and Brouwer’s is a great introduction! Bar fare with a focus on cultural appreciation, this spot is great for late nights, early dinners, and everything in between. 

Located in a reclaimed warehouse, you can dine on authentic Belgian cuisine, enjoy a brew from their selection hundreds of entries long, and dive into a 50-choice scotch menu.

Eve Fremont

Eve Fremont is hip, aesthetically beautiful, and farm-to-table. With a focus on locally-sourced ingredients, you help local economies while enjoying truly delicious fare.

Eve also has happy hours, and an extensive beer and cocktail list. It’s also said they make one of Seattle’s best burgers!


Rock Creek Seafood and Spirits

Seafood is a staple in coastal cities, but in Seattle no one does it quite like Rock Creek.

Rock Creek makes sure to source as local as possible, but they want to be the seafood destination - that’s why they work hard to bring in exotic selections from around the world and present them with the freshest ingredients and the greatest cocktail pairings you can think of.


Relaxed, delicious, and fully fresh. What more could you ask for? 

Manolin brings all that and more to Fremont. Their menu is creative, focusing on bringing disparate flavors together into something you wouldn’t even think would work. They also have some of the best cocktails in the area - definitely can’t be missed.


Amid all the great things in Fremont, you may be asking why we included a sandwich shop on this list.

Well, if it’s perhaps the best damn place for Caribbean food, then e think it deserves an honorary mention. Authentic, tasty, and quick, Paseo is perfect or anybody who is a fan of this vibrant food culture.