6 Best Things to Do In Seattle


Seattle is many things—the home of grunge music, a perfect balance of nature and cosmopolitan charm, and strikingly international. For anyone planning a trip to the “Emerald City,” you’re in for a diverse and exciting adventure through one of the most progressive cities in America.

The sheer amount of things to do in Seattle can be staggering. Whether you want to take a tour, hit the waters, or go on a real adventure, Seattle truly has something for everybody out there, from nature-lover to metropolitan maven.

We’ve compiled a list of the top five things to do in Seattle, with a focus on outlining the variety and depth of the Seattle experience. Come and learn what our beautiful city has to offer.

1. The Space Needle

Perhaps one of the most beautiful sights on the West Coast, the top of the Space Needle has enamored visitors since 1962 with its 605-foot ascent into the stars. With a complete 360-degree view of Seattle—not stuffed with the multi-thousand-foot skyscrapers like New York City and others—you can get a full view of the city’s horizon, from Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean to the Cascades to the west.

There are also tons of things to do within the Space Needle. The SkyCity restaurant is a 360-degree rotating establishment, serving up some of the best modern fare around. The restaurant also features tons of wine, beer, and liquor tastings to expand your libation knowledge.

For the shoppers out there, the Space Needle in Seattle also features tons of high-end retail and some local gems. Along with everything else, the Space Needle is a quintessential Seattle experience.

Visit their website here.

2. Brewery Tours

One thing the northwest is known for is beer. With more breweries than any other city in America, Seattle is perhaps the mecca for beer snobs, enthusiasts, and everyone else in between who loves a good pint.

For a comprehensive exploration through Seattle’s beer culture, we suggest the Road Dogs Seattle Brewery Tour. Taking you through the best of the city’s craft and specialty brewery destinations, the bang for your buck on this tour is bar-none.

Or, you might actually be a wine person, for which Seattle delivers. As an up-and-coming wine-growing region, the city offers tons of options to explore the depths of Washington’s wine culture. We suggest the Seattle Wine Tours company, which has access to literally hundreds of varietals and themed tasting events.

3. Jump into Adventure

Seattle is home to many eclectic experiences that’ll leave a lasting impression on you for years to come. With the city’s free-spirit attitude and progressive mindset, new ways to jump into excitement are springing up all the time.

We may be biased, but the Ninja Escape Room is an opportunity for you and your friends to jump into an actual storybook adventure. Guided by a complex and expertly-crafted narrative and full of physical challenges and puzzles, you can test your skills and nerve while being the hero of your own story.

The adventures we have waiting for you are perhaps the best we’ve crafted. Our Freemont Missions games pit your ninja prowess against zombies in our Ninja Vs. Zombies adventure, an alien onslaught in the Enter the Machine adventure, or pirates in Captain Deadbeard’s Revenge. Check out all the adventures we have in store for you here.

4. Music!

As the literal hub for alternative music for years—does Nirvana ring a bell?—Seattle has a cavernous music culture to suit any taste. Along with countless venues pumping all kinds of sounds from the fringes of alternative to the apex of pop, it’s hard to not find something you will love or be glad you found.

The Museum of Pop Culture celebrates this legacy as a repository for relics like handwritten lyrics, limited pressings, and artifacts from Curt Kobain, Jimi Hendrix, and so much more. You also can’t miss the 500-piece guitar sculpture reaching to the ceiling.

The museum also is home to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame, and collaborates with the Seattle Film Festival and other organizations, giving visitors a truly panoramic experience of Seattle’s cultural riches.

5. Whale Watching

Puget Sound is one of the most exciting oceanic ecosystems in the country. Long a west coast fishing hub, Seattle has made a name for itself in seafood, ocean research, and enjoying the area’s wealth of ocean nature.

Our top pick is Puget Sound Express. Featuring a four-hour whale watching tour, you can get up-close and personal with orcas, humpback whales, and a wealth of other beautiful wildlife just outside the San Juan islands.

The value doesn’t end there. As an integrated half-day tour, there are also gourmet lunch options available, a comfortable ride, and a plethora of spectacular visual treasures to take in when out in the water.

6. Ninja Escape

It wouldn't be one of our "things to do lists" without a mention of our Escape Games! What could be more fun than being locked in a room with strangers, solving puzzles and defeating the enemy? Whether you're a local or a tourist, Ninja Escape is a great way to spend a rainy day in Seattle. To learn more about Ninja Escape or to book visit our tickets page today.