The Best Ways to Make New Friends in Seattle


New to Seattle? Great!

As a recent transplant to the city, whether for work or just a fresh start, you probably want to build roots, meet new people, and start exploring everything Seattle has to offer.

But you may be asking yourself, “How can I make new friends in Seattle?” Fortunately for you, there are tons of events and activities perfectly designed to bring strangers together.

One of the best ways to make new friends in the city is to take on participatory activities. Having to work cooperatively with strangers makes creating new connections easy, and fun.

We put together a list of five activities that we believe are perfect for building relationships with people, while simultaneously exploring all that Seattle has to offer!

1. Go to a Concert

Seattle has long held the title as one of the music capitals of America. Heck, grunge started here, and the list of independent artists coming through the city is staggering.

One might think that going to concerts is a group endeavor, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised that tons of people go to concerts alone, specifically in hopes of meeting new people! You also don’t have to break the bank—the scale of venues in Seattle runs from intimate and cozy to the massive, such as the Paramount Theater.

There’s also a vibrant local music scene in Seattle, so you can not only meet new people, but maybe discover your next new underground favorite. See this article from Seattle Mag to get more information on the best venues in the city.

2. Take a Beer Tour

Along with being a major music hub, Seattle also more breweries within city limits than any other city in the country. If beer is your thing, you will have no problem making friends in Seattle.

For craft beer mavens, the Seattle Brewery Walking Tour is the golden standard of libation exploration in the city. Whether you’re out with a group of friends or going solo, you’ll be hard pressed not to find common ground with people who share the same passion as you—the particular tasting notes of a fresh, delicious pint.

3. The Ninja Escape

If you’re looking for a more robust and interactive experience with strangers, look no further than Ninja Escape Seattle. Try not to make friends while pitted against crime syndicates, zombies, and more in our expertly-crafted adventures and puzzle rooms.

The best part about this experience is that you really do have to work together to succeed. Here, you have to let your guard down, capitalize on your strengths, and use the skills of others to make up for what you cannot do. This means the people you are grouped with rely on you, and you rely on them, making for creating a truly valuable connection so much easier.

After one of our escape adventures, you will definitely not be asking yourself, “How do I make friends in Seattle,” that’s for sure. See what we have waiting for you now.

4. Studio Tours

As a receptive home for the arts, Seattle is a great place to be for artists and patrons alike. Tons of studios around the city also allow for open-studio days, where you can peruse the wares of local artists and meet like-minded creators and admirers.

Seattle Sampling has put together a great resource for where and when to find open-studio tours. Many of these are self-guided, which means you can take your time exploring Seattle’s creative side. Many artists enjoy talking about their creative process, and you might find a gift for yourself or your new friend.

5. Explore your Interests

Are you an artist? A dancer? Love a good book? Seattle is big enough that you’ll definitely find people with the same interests as you!

Taking lessons often puts many people who don’t know each other into the same room. Whether you want to play a sport, take up a hobby, or want to talk about a good read over a cup of coffee—and believe us, there are TONS of cafes in Seattle—you are sure to find people with a common passion. is a great resource for finding people with the same passion as you. You can also start taking classes, of all types, that are being offered around the city. Dive in, learn, and make new friends!