The Five Most Fun Jobs in Seattle Right Now

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The world of work is as diverse as the population needed to fill those jobs. As new and innovative business ideas become the norm, the positions needed to make those ideas happen are becoming increasingly idiosyncratic and, at times, downright looney.

As one of those businesses—make sure to see why we think this below—we want to build awareness of some of the coolest gigs in Seattle right now. Whether you’re trying to change your career, or just want a side-gig that is a bit off-kilter, these establishments below are sure to cure that itch for something new.

1. Dazzle Cleaning Company

Why is a cleaning company on this list? Well, because they are the self-described “Gayest Cleaning Company” in the world!

As it indicates on their website, most of the employees are members of the LGBTQIA+ community, which makes them stand out. On a mission to deliver expert cleaning services while being advocates for the LGBTQIA+ community, we think this company brings mission and professionalism together.


Think of it like Uber for dog walking. You mark yourself available, wait for a nearby request for a dog walker, then get rolling!

Dog walkers on average report high levels of satisfaction with their work for obvious reasons. Being outdoors, getting to be around all kinds of dogs, and the flexibility to work when and where you want makes this opportunity a can’t-miss.

3. Ninja Escape Room

Alright, we obviously would have put ourselves on this list, but in all seriousness who doesn’t want to be behind the scenes of a thrilling adventure?

Ninja Escape Room is a place for theater kids, horror-maniacs, and storytellers. Creatives of all types are welcome to bring their best in enacting, designing, and bringing to life the best adventures to be found in Seattle. Visit our job opportunities page now!

4. RISE Brewing Co.

Do you love coffee? We do too, but even more so the people at RISE Brewing Co., who are currently looking for a brand ambassador.

What does a brand ambassador for a coffee brewer do? In this case, attend events and show off the best new products from RISE, company making moves in the Pacific Northwest from New York City. Your entire job is telling people how delicious their product is, and we’re sure the perks of the job are pretty sweet as well!

5. Budtender

This isn’t geared toward any specific company. It’s more geared toward a passion—for cannabis.

Retail cannabis shops all around are looking for someone to be their next “budtender”—that is, counter help at their shops. Learn about different strains, their effects, and how they can help people with various problems.

Do you work a strange job in Seattle? Have some experience in a strange job you would like to share? Share, and leave a comment below!