The Five Best Gifts for Someone Moving to Seattle


People are flocking to Seattle in droves. It’s vibrant music scene, world-class selection of restaurants, and completely off-kilter plethora of adventures to take on, there is absolutely something to be said about Seattle-based gift ideas for newcomers.

We’ve created a list of the five best gift ideas for someone moving to Seattle. As someone who wants to share the greatness that is the jewel of the west coast, we believe these gift ideas will not only please, but inspire.

1. Beer Tour Tickets

Seattle has a world-class craft brewery scene that is the envy of the world. For newcomers to our great city, we suggest going ahead and buying tickets to some of the hottest beer tours in town.

Right now, the best beer tour to take in the city is the Seattle Brewery Tour. With a specially-crafted selection of three breweries per tour, anyone taking a Seattle Brewery Tour will be given perhaps the best exposure to one of the world’s greatest beer cultures.

2. Ninja Escape Room

If you want to offer your guests a truly immersive experience, look no further than the Ninja Escape Room in Seattle. A great idea for groups and individuals who need to meet new friends, our adventures pit them against challenges, puzzles, and danger that’ll bring people closer, and bring people together.

The best part of buying a Ninja Escape Room adventure is the complete experience they’ll undertake. Immersed in a danger-ridden story—along with a plethora of challenging puzzles and mysteries to unveil—a Ninja Escape Room adventure will be an experience any Seattle newcomer will surely never forget.

3. Gourmet Food Tour

Seattle’s restaurant scene is the envy of the world, especially in terms of gourmet food. Cloud 9 Living offers a Seattle Gourmet Food & Cocktail Tour that showcases the best of the Seattle food and drink scene.

Not only will you be able to experience the built beauty of Seattle through its Belltown and Pike Place neighborhoods—this tour puts your Seattle newcomer in front of top-of-industry chefs in the area. Learn their stories, and more about their craft, while enjoying truly top-notch food and drink.

4. Take on Pike Place

Piek Place is one of Seattle’s hubs for culture, entertainment, and food. Also offered by Cloud 9, their Food Tour of Pike Place is an intimate immersion into one of Seattle’s most iconic locations.

Seattle newcomers who are lucky enough to receive this welcome package will experience the energetic pizzaz of the Pike Place fish market, along with detailed histories of some of its most iconic residents. As an introduction to a new hometown and an experience to take back with them, the Food Tour of Pike Place is an incredible value for the price.

5. Cruise and Wine Tour

Take to the water with the pride of Seattle’s wine culture! Rated as excellent by Trip Advisor, the Lake Union Wine Tasting Cruise takes you through one of Seattle’s most treasured water resources while tasting delicious wines along the way.

As you cruise through Seattle’s coveted waterways, you’ll stop at various local wineries to sample their most popular fare. Your visitors will also be able to take in the beautiful vistas offered by the University of Washington campus, Seattle’s floating home communities, and more. A true journey for the senses!