Best Things to Do In Fremont Seattle

Freemont troll

Some people say Fremont is the cream of the crop when it comes to things to do in Seattle. From bars and restaurants to theaters and more specific types of adventures, Fremont is a veritable paradise for the millennial and baby boomer alike.

We’ve decided to put together a list of the five best things to do in Fremont. But, as you’ll see, these are destinations that each bring a special element to the night beyond your standard sit-down restaurant.

Tell us what your favorite things to do in Fremont are! Did we miss anything? Comment below!

1. The Fremont Troll

If you’re looking for weird, Seattle’s got it all. But one of the weirdest things you can take on is paying a visit to the Fremont Troll.

An 18-foot, 13,200 pound mammoth of steel rebar and concrete, the Fremont Troll has been an object of wonder for Seattleites since 1990. The great part about this experience is that visitors are encouraged to climb onto and post with the troll. You can also try your hand at poking out its one good eye—a hubcap. Great for selfies and a moment of wonder thinking about what the hell the sculptors were thinking!

2. Ninja Escape Room

Adventure. Intrigue. Danger. All these are part and parcel to a great adventure, bringing friends closer together, and discovering yourself. You can find all this and more at Ninja Escape Room.

With several adventures developed by theater geeks and stunt veterans, Ninja Escape Room challenge confronts you head on with puzzles, a deeply-crafted narrative, and an objective where you need to bring the best you got to potentially save humanity.

Grab your best friends—or participate with strangers—for one of the things to do in Fremont with the Ninja Escape Room!

3. Portal Virtual Reality Arcade

Step into another world—literally. Considered one of the greatest virtual reality experiences in the country, Portal Virtual Reality Arcade in Fremont is a truly immersive experience developed with cutting edge technology, experience design, and fun.

At Portal Virtual Reality Arcade, you are given your own booth to explore worlds you’ve never seen. Visually stunning and a true sense-intensive immersion, you and your friends will talk for hours about what you saw and experienced during your time “in the portal.”

4. The Ducks of Seattle

Take a group or a date on a refurbished WWII-era amphibious landing craft to experience the best the land—and sea—around Fremont has to offer.

Along with a guided tour of the sites, the Ducks of Seattle are an incredible way to have an exciting and truly stunning experience of Fremont as you take in the breathtaking views of Fremont from land and sea.

5. Museum of Pop Culture

Founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in 2000, the Museum of Pop Culture immerses you in everything pop culture from science fiction and fantasy to television and more.

This is a great experience for groups or a date spot. With a focus on pop culture, the conversations shared among participants are engaging as you remember facets of your past you once held dear, or you can rediscover the cringe-worthy as you reexamine the pop-culture of the 90’s and 2000’s.