How Do Escape Rooms Work: An Overview of Escape Rooms


Escape rooms are taking over the team-building, date night, and friendship-strengthening fields in a big way. All over the country people are craving the adventure, challenge, and immersive experience that escape rooms offer.

As a growing industry, there are many people who may be thinking about how exactly an escape room works. As more people get acquainted with the concept, even more are asking “What exactly is an escape room?”

We’ve put together a collection of five points that cover exactly what an escape room is, what it is great for, and what to expect from any escape room. If you’re considering taking on an adventure of your own, contact us today for more information!

What Is an Escape Room?

An escape room is an immersive environment that pits you against physical challenges, engaging storylines, and puzzles that can be faced either alone or with friends and colleagues.

Plainly put, an escape room is like a real-life video game where you are the hero. In many cases, such as with Ninja Escape Rooms, there is a narrative that you and your team fit into. Often you are fighting the clock to complete the scenario, which adds an extra element of excitement and immediacy to build adrenaline and anticipation.

What Makes Escape Rooms So Fun?

There are tons of activities that are fun, but not all are equal. When it comes to escape rooms, it’s the importance of true collaboration that makes this activity so enduringly exciting.

Unlike arcades or theme parks, escape rooms require the skills of multiple people to collaboratively achieve objectives set either by the course, or by the storyline.

Additionally, escape rooms are a completely immersive environment. Every square inch of an escape room is meant to test your abilities in as close to a real-world scenario as is possible. There are few opportunities we have in modern society to actually feel like you’re in an action movie, which is what makes escape rooms so fun!

What are the Benefits of Escape Rooms?

As society is becoming increasingly individualistic, there are few opportunities where collaboration is key. But without that ability to work together, you will most likely not get the full experience of an escape room.

The need for collaboration comes from the various types of challenges inherent in escape rooms. One member of your group might be more physically fit or acrobatic, while another member may have a talent with puzzles. Yet another might have great motivational chops, while another is a great manager or organizer. What we’ve found from people who have used our escape rooms is that, on the other end, adventurers are discovering more about themselves and the other group members.

Escape rooms bring people closer together because of the need to work together. When faced with an immediate need for someone else’s skills it’s hard not to appreciate that person so much more. We’ve seen friendships blossom, relationships begin, and co-working teams become closer after taking on an escape room.

How do I Know if an Escape Room is Right for Me?

This is a complex question, but one we know most people answer positively to. If you love collaboration, getting to know people more, and puzzles, you’ve already answered yes.

But it goes further than that. You can also ask yourself, “Do I love adventure?” Or, “Do I want a new experience?” Even further, you can ask yourself “How do I bring my team or group of friends closer?”

The answer to all these question undoubtedly is that you need to try an escape room.

How do I Choose an Escape Room? There’s So Many!

To know which escape room is best for you, it’s helpful to have an honest conversation about what you’re looking for.

Some escape rooms don’t offer thrilling narratives, which is important if you really want to have an adventure. Without a narrative, some escape rooms are more like obstacle courses.

You’ll also want to find an escape room that has a wide range of different challenges. This is because the real benefit of escape rooms is how they bring people together—by having a range of different challenges to overcome, you need the particular abilities of many people all working together to achieve your goals.

Ninja Escape Room has all this and more—expertly-crafted narratives, dozens of puzzles and physical challenges, and an objective of bringing you and your group closer together. Contact us today to find out about how Ninja Escape Room will be an immersive experience that’ll linger in your memory for years to come.