What is an Escape Room Like and What Makes it Fun?

You may have heard about escape rooms. As a relatively new craze overtaking the country, escape rooms have proven to be one of the most complete forms of adult entertainment out there, and for good reason.

Timed challenges, puzzles, and an overarching emphasis on teamwork make escape rooms one of the most popular pastimes. People all over are finding that the adrenaline rush found in overcoming challenges together brings them closer together.

But what exactly is an escape room? In this article we’ll take a look at the commonalities all escape rooms share, as well as what makes certain escape rooms stand out.

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One of the most important elements of escape rooms is pressure. Most often demonstrated with timed challenges, you’ll find energy levels spike when you realize the limited time you have to emerge on the other side.

But why is pressure so important to escape rooms really? It all falls on the combination of facing a specific challenge and bringing the best of everything you are to meet that challenge in a timely manner.  

The pressure felt during an escape room challenge forces you to call on your strongest faculties, and to find in your team mates the tools you lack to emerge victorious together.

This brings us to our next most important element - teamwork.


There are many social activities we do to make us feel closer with other people. Whether it’s online gaming or just getting a cup of coffee with a friend, we feel more connected with people whom we’ve enjoyed a shared experience.  

But when you’re in an escape room, the need to look beyond yourself for needed skills is crucial. Let’s say you’re an expert at mind-crunching puzzles, but are lacking in the physical fitness department - that means you will have to let down your guard and reach out to another teammate to utilize their particular skills to complete the given task.

That’s why escape rooms are considered one of the best team-building exercises around. You’re forced to communicate with other people in order to achieve the ultimate objective the narrative of the escape room experience dictates.

 This brings us to our next escape room commonality - narrative.


Nearly all escape rooms are built around a particular story. Whether it’s a mad scientist about to unleash a deadly contagion on the city, or you’re fighting the clock against a literal ticking time bomb, the narrative adds depth to the experience.  

Remember when you and your friends would play cops and robbers for hours on end? It wasn’t the running around that made the game fun - the real fun was in pretending you had an objective or a perceived enemy to combat.

The narratives associated with escape rooms give you a cause to strive for - you’re not just jumping over obstacles and unlocking doors. You’re trying to save humanity from an existential threat, one that places you and your team as a band of heroes.

What Makes a Great Escape Room?

The best escape rooms bring all these elements together into a story where you and your team are the heroes.

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Rife with physical and mental challenges - as well as iron-clad narratives with enemies worthy of your distaste - you don’t step into an adult playground in our escape rooms. You become the master of your destiny and that of your teammates and the entire human race.

Additionally, the best escape rooms emphasis working with others. The greatest adventures require you to bring the very best of your skills to the table, as well as the communication and leadership skills required to bring the very best out of everyone else involved.

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