The Best Things to Do in Seattle with Teenagers

Seattle is a city that has innumerable things to do. But, as we all know, some of those activities may not entice the hyper-active minds of teenagers looking for something fun to do.

Beyond the bars and clubs, there are tons of things for teenagers to do in Seattle. Whether they are interested in art, physical activity, or a sense of danger (wink!), there are tons of things for the future leaders of America to do in Seattle.

With a focus on activating the mind and body, we’ve taken a look at the five best things to do in Seattle with teenagers. Have you tried any of these activities, or have others to suggest? Leave a comment below!

The Museum of Pop Culture

If the teenager in question is curious about modern culture - even some recent enough for them - the Museum of Pop Culture is a curiosity-laden adventure through pop culture old and new.

Everything from Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana to visual art and more, the Museum of Pop Culture has it all. They also have a current exhibition now - “MARVEL: Universe of Super Heroes” - that will give more context to the recent movie craze most all teenagers can’t get enough of.  

Ninja Escape Room

For the perfect blend of physical activity and mental acuity, there’s no better choice than an Escape Room like Ninja Escape.

Tasked with saving the world in a variety of different scenarios, teenagers and old timers alike will love the challenge, the deep narrative stories, and the focus on teamwork to disarm the bomb, contain the disease, or avoid a zombie apocalypse.  

The Seattle Great Wheel

At 175 feet, a person of any age will be able to appreciate the photo opportunity offered by the Seattle Great Wheel.

One of the largest in the nation and positioned in direct contrast with the stunning Seattle skyline, the teenager in question will be the envy of their classmates after experiencing “the greatest ferris wheel of all.”

iFly Seattle

Indoor skydiving may be scary to think about, but what a way for a teenager to have an exhilarating experience!  

Offering various virtual reality experiences, teenagers in Seattle can float around while immersed in a scenario themed after “How to Train Your Dragon” or base jumping the Alps.

Parkour Visions

Parkour is an extreme sport born in the last decade for people who love traversing urban terrain athletically and acrobatically. In fact, you can count on any teenager to know what Parkour is.

Seattle has you covered. Parkour Visions is a 10,000 sq. ft. park loaded with obstacles, ledges, and more to navigate. For an adventurous extreme-sport experience while in the safe confines of this expertly-run park, make sure to stop at Parkour Visions.