The Five Best Escape Room Board Games

Escape rooms in the literal sense have become one of the most popular forms of in-person entertainment out there. Much like our own Ninja Escape Rooms, people are falling in love with the mix of mystery, narrative, and cooperation required to complete a true escape room adventure.

An increasing trend is escape room games created for the board game world. While most all people would love to try an escape room in person, game designers are finding novel and interesting ways to recreate the fun of escape rooms for enjoyment at home. 

We’ve put together a list of the five best escape room board games you can find. With a passion for immersive experiences, we believe these games are great ways to have an incredible time with friends at home! 

Escape Room in A Box

Number of Players: 2-8

Escape Room in a Box pits you against a time-challenge where you solve puzzles, crack codes, and save the world with a chilling and exciting narrative. Designed by escape room fanatics, this game pits you against an oncoming werewolf mutation where you have to find the serum.  


Number of Players: 2-6

“Unlock!” is a card-based escape room game that is, by all accounts, the simplest one to learn and play. Numbered and color-coded cards give you circumstances you must navigate around with great immediacy. The free phone app helps establish the timer and interact with the color coding for an immersive experience.

Exit: The Game

Number of Players: 1-6

Exit: The Game is one like no other. With a decoder to navigate through puzzles and tons of interesting challenges to keep you engaged, this is set to become an instant favorite. But, one thing this game has that no others does is its disposability - many times you’re forced to destroy elements of this game during gameplay, which means no one attempt at playing will be the same as any others.

Escape Room: The Game

Number of Players: 2-3

This game is perhaps the most quintessentially “escape room” game of all on this list. A mechanism that acts as a timer and decoder is used to help you navigate through the various “rooms” of the game. Keys have to be inserted into the module in the right configuration and order, which allows you to advance to the next challenge.  

Escape The Crate

Number of Players: 2-4

There’s perhaps no more interesting type of escape room board game than Escape the Crate. Started by two escape room fanatics, they actually hand-make many parts of this game. Also, the game is in essence a subscription service that sends you a package every other month - no two adventures are the same, and all form a long-running narrative.