The Five Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Seattle

Do you have kids? Are you looking for places to eat in Seattle? Then you better read below. 

Seattle is a hub for foodies and restaurateurs alike, which makes for one of the most vibrant food scenes in the country. But, unlike most locales, Seattle actually has quite a few kid-friendly options!

If you’re going out to eat with children, you want some kind of amenities beyond a kids’ menu to keep them happy. That’s why we’ve put together the five best kid-friendly restaurants in Seattle in this handy list.

As you read, expect to find out about places that have play areas, keep toys on hand, and a number of other amenities that will keep you and your child happy.

1.   The Dane

While the Dane is a great place to grab a craft brew and Scandinavian cuisine, there’s no shortage of child-friendly amenities to be had at this great hip spot.

A dedicated play area stocked full of toys can be enjoyed by any underage patrons. But it gets better - kid-friendly live music, kids’ trivia, and story time Tuesdays and Thursdays are all to be had at this great Seattle eatery.

2.   The Hi-Life

While the Hi-Life is really more of a high-end family-friendly location, they feature some pretty great amenities for the kids that most other restaurants do not.

Crayons and paper are supplied on demand for the kids, along with coloring books when available. But the best part is of particular interest - children can design their own cookies for a sweet and creative ending for desert!

3.   Peddler Brewing Company

Like any great brewing company, there are tons of craft brew to be had at Peddler. But, it’s the outdoor amenities that make this spot great for kids.

Outdoor games like cornhole are readily available, and the outdoor area in general is perfect for antsy kids to run around and burn out some energy. Additionally, on Sundays you get $1 off pints if you bring your baby during the day - great for parents getting together for Sunday Funday!

4.   Vio’s Cafe and Marketplace

Perhaps the most quintessentially kid-friendly spot on this list, Vio’s Cafe and Marketplace was founded by a single dad who wanted to create community for other parents.

There’s a walled-off play area for kids to run around like the crazy people they are to burn off steam. It’s incredibly big - probably due to the founder’s kid-friendly mission - complete with games and toys to enjoy.

5.   Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe

If what you’re looking for is a healthy alternative for kids to enjoy along with kid-friendly amenities, Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe is bar none one of the best spots for the tykes in Seattle.

A massive, walled-off play area has tons of books, coloring supplies, and even a wooden train set for kids to play with. The smoothies are organic, healthy, and extremely popular with the kids, and the added bonus of a stunningly beautiful display make this spot perfect to bring the little ones.

Are there any other spots that you think are great for kids? Tell us which ones and why in the comments!