Naked Ninja, Win a Bike & Ride Free!

Never fear, you don't have to be naked to win this bike.... but it's a great way to tell you about The Fremont Solstice Parade on Saturday, June 18th! Every year we welcome Summer with a naked bike run. Everyone paints their body, wears crazy costumes, and rides their bikes through Fremont. 

In honor of all the brave & naked ninja, who pedal every year, we are giving away a Shogun Ninja bike to one lucky winner. Anyone who books a room (Promo Code: Naked Ninja), or leaves their info on-site, has a chance to win!

Perhaps a visit to Ninja Escape is just what you need to finally participate... and bare it all!

Or maybe you want to keep your clothes on, and would rather take your new bike through some PNW trails.  You can even quit traffic and bike to work. Or you could just give the gift of riding free to a friend or loved one.  Either way, we're exited to have such a rad prize to offer our loyal Ninja players!

Thanks to our neighbors at Recycled Cycles, Fremont Arts Council, and of course The Fremont Chamber of Commerce! You guys ROCK!







A Ninja's Gotta Eat!

Whether you're a mob of Ninja Spies, or a couple of Lovebirds embarking on your dangerous Mission.... You need to fuel up! 

The Ninja Master has highlighted 3 locations that may be very wise choices for you and your team.

For those early birds, or caffeine fueled Ninja, Lama G's Cafe has the best coffee.  They serve fresh sandwiches, smoothies, Bhutanese lentil soup, and chocolate chip cookies the size of your face! Say Hello to Karma and Dawa (the friendliest cafe cat) for us. You can visit their Facebook page, check out their menu, and even get info on their Bhutan Tours.  

If seasonal, local, "sea-to-table" fare are what you love, Rock Creek is amazing! All I know is that our server informed us that the delicious Pink Sea Scallops we ate were scavenged by one man... He MUST be a Ninja! Great for small or large groups, and special occasions. Book your reservations ahead of time! 

Another casual, fun spot for large groups is Hotel Hotel Pizza.  Authentic east-coast style pizza pies AND $5 for a slice and a can of Rainier. On top of that sweet deal, they have a Free pool table, so you and your team can keep the games going.  Some days they have Trivia or Open Mic Night... they're nothing to run away from, but it'll be hard to brag about all your Ninja skills while these events are in session. 

There are tons of Ninja worthy locales in the area, but here's a start!

Celebrate Ninja Victory & Seattle Beer Week!

Your team has thwarted the evil Kraken... or maybe Beer Week is your sweet entrance into the pearly gates.  Either way, you survived Ninja Escape and deserve a cold one!

Check out some of the local breweries and pubs that are participating in Seattle Beer Week 5/12-5/22.  Each location listed below is within walking distance from Ninja Escape, and highly recommended by the Ninja Master himself.  

Make a plan... 

buce lee party.jpg