Hunt for more than eggs this Easter!


Easter at Ninja Escape!

This is Ninja Escape. The greatest puzzle game adventure in the universe is here in Seattle.

What does it have to do with Easter?

Well, not much. In fact, nothing.

Maybe we will put some stuffed bunnies around or something. You got us, ok?

But our games are really fun, and you should come this week.


So what is Ninja Escape exactly?

Is it a escape room game? Is it a video game come to life? Is it a work of interactive theater? Is it awesome? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. 

In Ninja Escape, you and your team are Ninja, battling The Kraken, who are an evil and ancient organization. 

In our first game,. Hack Attack, The Kraken have stolen billions of dollars of bitcoin from the orphans, and you have to stop them. Click the button to find out more!

Our second game is called The Black Lace. In this one, The Kraken are creating a poison that will kill everyone. You must break into the secret lab and stop em! Click the button.