Corporate Team Building Through Ninja Adventure!

Looking for a Seattle Team Building Event that is Effective, Interactive, and MIND-BLOWING  Fun? 

You've found it!


At Ninja Escape, your team is dropped into a live game where cooperation and COMMUNICATION will STRENGTHEN their RELATIONSHIPS, and help them master the art of problem solving.

they must work together in order to defeat the kraken & save the world! 

Team building events in Seattle have never been so thrilling. Whether you are putting together an icebreaker event for a new team, or a morale event for your veterans - WE WORK WITH GROUPS LARGE AND SMALL, AND CAN CUSTOMIZE your event. Our many escape rooms offer space for your up to 10 team-members per game, and we have the space to run multiple games at once per location. If your team is larger than we can accommodate in our space, we can come to you and set up an escape game team building event in your office, a warehouse or even a stadium. 

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